Thursday, February 19, 2015

Weather report

Boston had eight feet of snow.  They're suffering so badly from "cabin fever"  that some Bostonians have amused themselves by jumping out of windows into the snowdrifts, a practice roundly condemned by Boston's mayor.  (I wouldn't recommend it--one never knows what's hidden under the snow that could kill a person.)

New York City is merely doing its "Frozen Apple" routine. I've overdressed on several recent days because I thought it was going to be colder.  Could be worse, and probably will be.  :)

Much to my pleasant surprise, my skin has not been following the weather reports--it's been gradually improving over the past few weeks despite the cold and snow, and, at the moment, my knuckles and lips aren't cracked at all.  I think that's because I've started tossing plenty of sunflower seeds into my nightly salad--I've heard and read that sunflower oil is good for the skin.  Try it, you'll like it.

To all my readers in the northern hemisphere:  Stay warm, and be careful out there.  You know what the signs on the highways and bridges say:  "Slippery when wet."


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